Man who spent 17 years in prison for crime his ‘lookalike’ committed gets $1.1M compensation.


Richard Anthony Jones spent 17 years in prison for a crime he says was committed by his doppelganger. Now, he will receive a $1.1 million settlement in a lawsuit that was resolved under a new mistaken-conviction law, Kansas officials announced Tuesday.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said in a statement ;

“We are committed to faithfully administering the new mistaken-conviction statute the legislature enacted, in this case, it was possible on the existing record to resolve all issues quickly, satisfy all of the statute’s requirements, and agree to this outcome so Mr. Jones can receive the benefits to which he is entitled by law because he was mistakenly convicted.”

Richard Jones (Left) – His doppleganger, Ricky Amos (Right)

Jones, who was released from prison last year, filed a petition in August asking the state to pay him $1.1 million and to officially proclaim his innocence.

This is the first lawsuit filed under the mistaken-conviction statute enacted by the legislature earlier this year, according to Schmidt.

Jones was convicted in the 1999 aggravated robbery of a woman in a Walmart parking lot. Jones had a solid alibi: He was at a birthday party where he was seen by several people. But he was blamed for the crime anyway because he looked almost exactly like the man who eventually became the suspect.




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